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Posted on: April 24th, 2013 by Isabel Albiol

I Will Take Care Of You (detail), 2013
24th April – 11th May 2013
Zeitgeist Arts Projects, Bond House Gallery ASC, Goodwood Road, London SE14 6BL

Opening 24th April 6-9pm
26th April SLAM Last Fridays 6-8.30
11th May Artists in dialogue 4-5pm

 I’m really pleased to be a part of this group show opening Wednesday 24th April, some awesome artists involved! Please come along if you can.  The two works I’ll have in the show will be a small sculpture titled,  I Will Take Care Of You and a photographic print titled Baby Blue Eyes

STUDIO DIARY // 5th April 2013

Posted on: April 5th, 2013 by Isabel Albiol

Blimey it’s freezing.  Very glad my studio is warm and dry, thank you ASC.

I’ve been working in blissful solitude the past couple of months, just happy to be in my studio space and lost in making. Since working on Constellation (the series of small cast figurines set against a black circle) I’ve been continuing this line of thought and enquiry.  Collecting dolls, photographing and casting them, or bits of them.  I’ve found a brilliant antiques market which has become a treasure trove for me, it’s full of intriguing objects, dolls, bric-a-brac and so on.  These found objects and dolls are imbued with time and memory, it sets the imagination on fire.  I take them back to my studio and begin the process of their re-imagining, their re-interpretation.  I start of by photographing them, in the corners on the floor, bound inside an old box of some kind.  It’s an obsessive process, which feels slightly seedy if I’m honest! I then start to dismantle them, stripping them of their clothes, hair and eyelashes.

I then start to think about materials.  With Anemone her face was so fine and delicate I wanted a substance that was translucent and delicate to match her features.  I chose a pink dental wax!  I’ve used this before, many years ago and I love its sickly sweet colour, you’re not quite sure if it’s nice or nasty.  As with Metamorphosis the urge is to join them at the nape of their necks.  This duality somehow traps them into a kind of submission to each other with no means of escape.  The grey hair references the body both in its living flesh form and in its keepsake ability to remain intact after death, leaving them to oscillate between the real and the uncanny.