STUDIO DIARY // 17th September 2012

Posted on: September 17th, 2012 by Marius Roman

DeptfordX exhibition report
I can’t quite believe that the summer has been and gone and although I love this time of year there is always a little sadness in the air with the approaching winter months.
Work wise, the past few months have been very productive. For DeptfordX I had to produce a substantial amount of work. I think I must have cast around 80 figurines and I have to say I’m in no hurry to cast any more! The main areas for the works were St. Paul’s Church, Deptford train station and Deli X. They were also placed in various locations from shops to community centers as a way of progressing the idea of ‘loss’ within a community, to be ‘discovered’ by passers by and then taken home if proved desirable enough. So, it’s quite interesting to think of all these little plaster cast figurines, once discarded and gathering dust at the back of a charity shop, now decorating the mantlepiece or some such place in homes of people unknown to me.
I took masses of pictures and posted them onto a fb page, here’s the link if you’d to see them-